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Rock the House Bar Mitzvah ... fun and creative Bar Mitzvah ideas

Our Client, a warm + fun loving family
in Connecticut were looking on-line for
fun and creative bar mitzvah concepts
and stumbled upon a link on the
Mitzva-licious Blog that featured
some of CuisinEtc's creative work
and absolutely feel in love with
 the fun presentations they saw there.
When we got the call,
they asked us if CuisinEtc Catering
 would be willing to travel from NYC
to Northern Connecticut
to cater their son's upcoming Bar Mitzvah
which they were looking to create
a rock and roll club like atmosphere for
serving kid friendly eye appealing delicious food.
Of course the answer was YES.
The answer when asked where we are located is:  
CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events 
is located where ever you, 
our clients need us to be

So please take a look at
this fabulous Bar Mitzvah Celebration
and tell us in the comments section below,
what do you think ???
did the CuisinEtc Team rock our client's  vision?

The CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events
Signature Presentation
Cows in the Comforter
All Beef Kosher Hot Dogs
in a Pastry Blanket
nestled in a catcher's mitt
in a field of wheatgrass

a big thank you to Kersten of Shadow Lounge Productions
for the fabulous food and decor shots he was able to pull off of his videos.  
He is our newest fav photographer and videographer of choice!
see the video Kersten shot of Natan's Bar Mitzvah 
cones of sweet potato chips
waiting to be drizzled with
herbed ranch dip

Elvis rocked the house
with this kosher style version
of his favorite banana and peanut butter

these centerpieces looked amazing
when the lights went down low
flashing colors and adding
the perfect nightclub touch!

love love love
the tie dye balloons

This fun filled Bar Mitzvah Celebration at Temple Mischan Israel in Connecticut was set up club style with tall top bar tables draped in black floor length linens and tall chivari bar chairs, with blinking light up centerpieces and tie dye balloon arches that enhanced the club atmosphere.

The evening kicked off with hot dance music by DJ group Prime Time Party Crew (PTPC)  and EmCee C-Tip  and passed hors d'oeuvres by CuisinEtc Catering and Special Events.

One of the most  popular hors d'oeuvre selections with adults and kids alike were the CuisinEtc smoking panko chicken tenders drizzled with Asian chili jam
+ sprinkled with shaved coconut.

Our take on the ubiquitous chicken finger passed on a  middle eastern
tea tray bellowed smoke
... surprising + delighting  guests !

Other passed kid friendly temptations
butlered by the friendly staff included:

...grilled cheese quesadillas

...our signature cows in the comforter
- all beef mini hot dogs in pastry blankets

...Elvis' kosher style
peanut butter/banana wrap + roll bytes
garnished with a toy guitar
and served on a record like spin disk platter

...cones of sweet potato chips
drizzled with herbed ranch dip

...queen of hearts my oh my 
Italian lollipops perched 
atop an artist palate 


...cumin kissed veggie empanditas
 with housemade basil + marinara dip.

Lisa Teiger, Culinary Fashionista and Event Food Stylist, of CuisinEtc's design department, along with team member Hong Mei Pang,  created modern club like decor for the three food stations using red and black form fitting linens that present a sleek look .

Following the candle lighting ceremony and touching tributes to from the Bar Mitzvah boy to his family and close friends,
CuisinEtc Catering + Special Event Staff opened the food stations
and let the feasting begin...

High Bar Tables + Chivari Bar Chairs
helped create a club atmosphere
and balloon arches + centerpieces
by Katie's Hot Air Balloons
popped the room with color + fun!

each guest customized their own
martini toppings - how fun is this!

decor details from the Square Martini Glass
to the retro wooden truck

Natan's Bar Mitzvah was just such a fun filled event
the food + decor created by CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events
helped enhance + create 
the fun club vibe the client envisioned. 

Kudos to Natan's Mom, Dafna,
for choosing a menu 
that suited her guests, 
both kids + adults perfectly !!
and for pulling together the party details
with grace + style!!
Natan's Bar Mitzvah rocked the house!

Thank you for allowing 
 assist you in making your vision come true !!!

retro TV frames announced the menus
at each of the Bar Mitzvah Food Stations

the CuisinEtc signature orange bbq glazed meatballs
with pretzel skewers were the "olives" in the martini
Mom, Dafna raved  about the taste !!

organic natural food decor

vibrant eye popping displays created by
CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events NYC
Design Decor Team,
culinary Fashionista, Lisa Teiger
+ assistant Hong Mei Pang

Adding the WOW factor that enhances each customized event menu
that CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events NYC
creates for our clients + guests enjoyment
During the event, both Mom + Dad  and Grandma too
made it a point to tell us
how CuisinEtc's fantastic food
+ eye catching imaginative presentations
exceeded their expectations in every way.
... praises + heart felt emotions like that make all the hard work
+ challenges of catering well worth the efforts !!
We love our job !!

yummy colorful toppings for the mashed potatoes
...shredded cheddar, colorful terra stix,
scallions + creme fraiche...

Med Rim Station Signage
ordinary pasta transforms into
elegant + whimsical design decor
speaking to the food that is
served at Natan's med rim Bar Mitzvah food station

...roasted garlic hummous
sunflower towers

Not hard to get folks to eat their veggies
when they look as enticing as this...
It was a very popular choice for many guests
and the staff kept busy continuously refilling
and replacing the platters of delicious farm fresh vegetables... 

 Triangle shaped bowl
for the kid friendly yet adult worthy
San Marzano marinara +pasta

Grandma Daniella brought guests to see the cuisinEtc catering
med rim food station setup
before the food even came out of the kitchen.

 how to spot  a culinary food designer ...
someone who uses pasta
 + natural food elements
for design decor 
as well as eating pleasure

Catering is not just the business 
of CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events

Catering + Events are 
our PASSION!!!

Med Rim Station design decor details
such as Jewish Star pasta under a glass riser,
grilled veggies display nestled into a retro wooden truck
and table top covered with greens

to resemble a field of vegetables,
tall elegant vases bulging with shaped pasta + veggies
delighted the guests senses,
along with the delicious aromas
of the rosemary foccacia pizza bytes,
San Marzano tomato sauce
with shaved Parmesan,
and long fusilli pasta,
Towers of hummous sunflowers,
olives displayed in hand carved artisan bread baskets
and the beautiful farm fresh grilled + roasted vegetable displays
created a comfort food with an attitude ambiance
that hit a home run for the bar mitzvah guests' enjoyment.

the Asian Station was the centerpiece of
the three dinner food stations
designed by CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events.

TV signs announced the food stations menus.

Coordinated Black Asian Takeout Boxes
personalized with the bar mitzvah boy's
name and the date
... fun ... fresh ... user friendly ...

love the clean stream lined  look of the
form fitting table linens

cold sesame noodles in personalized Asian boxes
and Auntie Dai's chicken + veggie dumplings. 

Dessert- the final indulgence -

Rivers of Belgium Milk Chocolate and Housemade Buttery Caramel
were surrounded by a bevy of dippable delights.

It was a blast for the kids and adults alike to find various goodies from fresh fruit and berries, to fanciful twinkies to european happy hippos, classic oreos, oh so yummmeeee cream puffs, multi colored marshmallows and sooooo much more !!!!

As with the rest of this fun event, we used very cool triangle shaped high end disposable plates for the dessert offerings.

european happy hippos and fanciful twinkies were dipped + devoured 

Event Credits:

Catering and Food Design:
Lisa Teiger
CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events NYC

Balloon + Centerpiece Decor:

Katie's Hot Air Ballons

Event Venue:
Congregation Mischan Israel
Hamden Connecticut
Gary Mitchell, Event Supervisor

DJ, Lighting + MC Services:
Prime Time Party Crew, Virginia Beach
Lisa Mason
Big Day Entertainment

Video Productions & Photo Design:
Kersten H Schriel

thank you to Kersten for generously sharing his fabulous photos
(featured here on this blog post) with CuisinEtc Catering.  It's a joy to have such professional representation of our artistic efforts documented with attention to detail
and we will happily and highly recommend using Kersten's video and photography services  for future events.

And thank you as well, to  all the other event professionals for working together to create  seamless and outstanding service for the bar mitzvah boy, his parents, their family +  guests.

 Mazel Tov to Natan 
+ his entire family 
for letting 
CuisinEtc Catering + Special Events
 participate in your special day!!

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