Friday, March 21, 2014

bar and bat mitzvah kiddush menus


Menu A
assorted finger pastries to include rugelach & more
and our signature Krispie treats with chocolate drizzle

opened faced Tapas style sandwiches
..hummus and chickpeas with parsley leaf atop toasted pita triangles, scallion + grape Waldorf style tuna on 7 grain (optional: add walnuts)
..Smoked white fish salad on dark pumpernickel 
..smoked salmon mousse piped on petit bagels
..peanut butter and strawberry jam pinwheels - option: sub grape jelly

delicious cherry glazed cheese kugel bytes
sliced pineapple with grapes clusters

optional: add the following salads to menu A
    ~red bliss baby potato salad with creamy dill dressing (no mayo)
    ~pesto primavera pasta salad – with broccoli, peppers,
       cherry tomato, sliced olives & jack cheese
    ~persian cabbage salad tossed with baby corn, snow pea pods,
      enoki mushrooms, julienned carrots, nappa cabbage
      &  nigella seeds tossed  sesame mandarin orange vinaigrette

Menu B
house-made treats to include
    ~melt in your mouth chocolate and fruit filled handmade rugelach
    ~tender sliced orange or lemon tea cake fingers
    ~really chocolate chip cookies
    ~and our signature Krispie treats with chocolate drizzle
    ~sliced fresh pineapple & grapes display

freshly baked NY bagels...the real deal
    ~served with cream cheese
    ~albacore tuna salad with granny smith apples, carrots & scallions in lemon aioli
    ~pickled herring in wine sauce
    ~smoked salmon with bow-tie pasta, asparagus & lemon poppy seed dressing.
    ~balsamic field greens, sugar snap peas + sliced strawberry salad with chevre crumbles

for the kid in all of us: mac & cheese with Vermont cheddar & provolone

Menu C
house made treats to include
    ~melt in your mouth chocolate, raspberry & apricot handmade rugelach
    ~choice of old fashioned fall apple nut bundt cakes
    ~sliced double chocolate marble loaves
    ~zingy lemon or orange tea breads
    ~our signature Krispie treats with chocolate drizzle

falafel station - continuously cooked fresh by chef attendant
    ~house made falafel – with fresh parsley, cilantro & Israeli seasonings
      offered with mini pita bread
with choice of 2 accompaniments
..Israeli chopped vegetable salad with tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers,
..lemon scented Moroccan spiced carrots with roasted chickpeas
...east meets west ginger smoked eggplant baba ganoush
(or traditional creamy middle eastern version) cabbage slaw with white wine vinaigrette & caraway seeds

med rim grazing station
    ~hummous sunflower with cherry tomato petals & olive “seeds”
    ~panini bytes with grilled eggplant, roasted pepper & pepato cheese
    ~med rim citrus scented dolmatis with goats cheese & red pepper

fish and salad station
    ~fresh salmon primavera –baked filet of salmon shingled
       with thinly sliced yellow squash, green zucchini,
       roasted lemon & roma tomatoes
       topped with gremalta of panko, fresh herbs & lemon zest.
    ~orange scented cous-cous salad with dried fruits and nuts
    ~Croissant Caesar
            tender hearts of Romaine with house made vegetarian
            Caesar dressing, studded with buttery herbed croissant croutons
            & hand shredded parmesan

Menu D
house-made treats to include
..melt in your mouth raspberry & apricot handmade rugelach
..rivers of milk and dark chocolate with fresh fruit & berries, cream puffs & marshmallow dippers
comes with attendant to assist with dipping and drizzling

artfully arranged Smoked Salmon display
with capers, lemons, cucumber & sliced tomato
     freshly baked NY bagels ,
     Jewish Rye & Artisan Rosemary Foccacia...
served with assorted cream cheese & tapenades
also includes
   ..our outrageous olive & artichoke tapenade,
   ..parmesan sundried tomato cream cheese mousse
   ..scallion cream cheese
 & traditional cream cheese

plus two of the following salads
...Jewish style whitefish salad
...albacore tuna salad with white beans & oregano red wine vinagrette
...Russian egg salad – studded with chopped olives & roasted red onions
plus two of the following salads
...spinach & watercress salad with marinated artichokes & roasted peppers
...wild rice & toasted orzo with grilled corn, vibrant Edamame beans,
currants, sun-dried apricots & toasted slivered almonds
...fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with bowtie pasta
drizzled with EVOO, fresh basil & balsamic pomegranate reduction

PLUS choose one hot dish of
old skool cheese blintzes , mango applesauce & sour cream
Old-fashioned mac and cheese
(add falafel station: $4.25 per guest plus staff charge)

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