Monday, April 9, 2012

Passover Catering at the Actor's Temple, CuisinEtc Catering NYC- a Sumptuous Community Seder

Last Saturday night was 
the fifth year in a row
that CuisinEtc Catering + Events had the privilege to cater a NYC Community Passover Seder at the Actor's Temple, NYC,  Congregation Ezrath Israel. It's always an honor to be chosen to participate in special community events like these.  Thank you, Rabbi Jill Hausman and the congregation at the Actor's Temple.

The Actor's Temple right at the edge of NYC's theater district and steps away from Times Square is an historic building that is home to a re-surging congregation, lead by Rabbi Jill Hausman,  Cantor/Rabbi.

It takes a village to make these wonderful community Seders come to life, many thanks to the volunteers, lead by member/dining room Captain Valerie Brown, Congregation President Dan Feld + his hard working wife Norma and many others from the congregation who set up and clean up the room, allowing the CuisinEtc culinary team  to focus on the food.

Here's some highlights from CuisinEtc Catering + Events' Passover Menu for the Actor's Temple  Second Night Community Seder featuring a Dairy, Fish and Vegetarian Med Rim Passover Seder Menu.    Happy Pesach!

2nd Night Passover Seder Menu
Catering by CuisinEtc Catering + Events NYC
We are proud of our professional and courteous staff
Joni, Hong Mei and Chef Andrew Alexander-Crossan 

sauteed tilapia in creamy marscapone
+ sun -dried  tomato sauce charon

Egg battered zucchini roulade stuffed with
 spinach, cheese, artichokes + olives

CJ's Mandarin Broccoli + Cashew Salad
Showered with Colored Pepper Confetti

bountiful spring accented table
with our elegant copper ware

Our CuisinEtc Chef is famous for
his Outstanding Caesar Salad
this rendition used crumbled
matzoh in place of croutons

Fresh fruit and Berries complimented
the Kosher for Passover Chocolate Pond and
Made from Scratch Passover Desserts

CuisinEtc NYC's  Passover Desserts Buffet
was the perfect compliment to the rich historic feel
 of the landmark Actor's Temple NYC, Congregation Ezrath Israel

Blue and White Sugar Meringues
next to the Kosher for Passover Chocolate Pond

Chef Andrew drizzles Kosher For Passover Chocolate
over the Passover Desserts
for the Actors Temple Members + Guests
The Actor's Temple Second Seder Guests Enjoyed Chocolate Drizzled Pesach Desserts
Made from Scratch with Love by the CuisinEtc Culinary Team

Passover Chocolate Coconut Cherry Chewies
chocolate drizzled passover desserts

xxoo   Thanks for having us   xxoo
The Team at CuisinEtc loves performing for the Actor's Temple!

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